About us

This website is a personal archive of news and not for public sharing. If you see this site; close the tab and move on.

About Us

There is no ‘about us’. This is about me. I’m the lone creator of this site. I’m a website developer and security scientist.

This website is primarily hosted in Europe; however it’s backup is daily maintained on a few more redundant websites hosted under different names restricted to select individuals for access.

The authenticity of the content is proven via OSINT techniques. Similar techniques are used by ‘AFP Fact Check’ and ‘Alt News’.

I’m a hacker and created this site to monitor those who are against Kashmir. Few days into production and my site has visitors from Indian security agencies.

In case you want to know what can happen to you if you open this website. I take some logs as per the policy of this site created by me.

The logs are deleted by a cron job that deletes logs older than 5 days.

To prevent SQLi in my db; I don’t parameterize queries …. I use flat files.

My total website size without media is not more than few MB.

Refer to contact page if you want to Social Engineer me.